Air table image to live cms item How To

I found that zapier is unable to load images from air table to a live cms item on webflow. Was told parabola had this functionality. Is this true? If so, is there a tutorial or specific link I can reference? Completely new to the platform and not really familiar with things yet. Thanks in advance

Hey @Iain_1,

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These links should help get you started on importing your data into Parabola.

  1. Pull from Airtable
  2. Pull from Webflow

Pulling in your data from Airtable should return a list of image URLs linked to each item. Pulling in your data from Webflow will give you a list of collection items and their associated IDs.

You’ll want to merge the data together so you can link the new image URLs from Airtable to the correct collection item in Webflow. A Combine tables step should help you do that.

The Send to Webflow step will export the data to your Webflow CMS. Just be sure to select update existing collection items, and map the ID field in Webflow to the ID column in Parabola.

Do the same for your images by mapping the image field in Webflow to the image URL column in Parabola.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you, this was very helpful!