How to get Page views from Google Analytics to Parabola?

Hi, guys! I’m trying to pull data from Google Analytics (views of a particular group of pages, which are collections pages in the Webflow CMS) but I’m stuck because of an error that I don’t understand:

Whats is “webPropertyId” and where I should type it? I don’t see any field for that on the left sidebar here.

Also, can you check please, did I set all other fields correctly for this purpose?

Thank you!

Hi Maksim :wave: Welcome to the community!

When Google Analytics is completely set up, you should be able to select an option from a dropdown as seen in this screenshot.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 10.52.57 AM

Feel free to reference this documentation from Google, which includes information on setting up a property.

Besides that, all else looks good in your step settings!

Let me know if this does the trick.

Thank you, Adam!

Looks like this article not longer actual, because I created GA4 property and it’s interface is different. I can see the code and I installed it on the Webflow staging domain, I published it, GA4 see my visits and counting traffic, but still, Parabola doesn’t see this website in the account. =(

Maybe it happens because the indexing of this website is switched off in Webflow settings?

My pleasure Maksim!

Are you possibly using the Google Analytics Reporting API V4? Unfortunately, this version is not yet supported by this integration (cc: Google Analytics How-To Docs). If not, I will take a deeper look at this issue and let you know what I find!

Yes, as I mentioned before, I use the new version of Analytics called GA4, because there is no sense to use the old one for my client. And now you said that Parabola doesn’t support it yet. That’s sad… Can you tell me, please, when it’s gonna happened?

HI Maksim,

Thanks for confirming.

While supporting GA4 is on the roadmap, we unfortunately do not have a specific timeframe at this time. This post sparked an internal discussion on the topic, so as soon as we have an update for you, I will be sure to reply to this post. Apologies for the inconvenience!