Post to API error via proxy

One of my flows goes through a proxy site before it writes to the final destination.
I haven’t had any issues going through the proxy until now. There is one specific record that I am getting an error on:

{“Fault”:{“Error”:[{“Message”:“Request has invalid or unsupported property”,“Detail”:“Property Name:Unexpected character (’\’ (code 92)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’)\n specified is unsupported or invalid”,“code”:“2010”}],“type”:“ValidationFault”},“time”:“2020-09-14T09:42:05.590-07:00”}

What is strange is that when I copy/paste the string directly into the proxy site and post from there, it generates my new record no problem.

Is there any sort of change that parabola might be making before sending that would drive this discrepancy?

Hey Annika - no change that I know of that would have caused this. It looks like maybe that record has a character that your proxy is not happy about. If you are using an API step, there should be a Request section below the error that you can open to view how that request was sent. Could you post of what is being sent in the Name property? If it’s sensitive information, feel free to email it to us at !