Getting JSON error with PATCH request to Bubble

JSON linters are giving me the thumbs up on:

“Name”: “{Name}”,
“About Short”: “{Short Description}”,
“Airtable ID”: “{id}”,
“Category”: “{Category}”,
“County”: “{Org County}”,
“Link to Edit”: “{Link to Edit}”,
“Main URL”: “{Main URL}”,
“Text Audience”: “{Audience Formatted}”,
“Text Stages”: “{Stages Formatted}”,
“Text Venture Types”: “{Venture Types Formatted}”,
“About Long”: “{Long Description}”,
“All Values”: “{All Values}”,
“All Values Super”: “{All Values Super}”,
“AssOrg New”: “{AssOrg}”,
“All Filters”: “{All Filters}”,
“Recently Updated?”: true

However when a record is pushed it gives me the error :
Settings error

Your JSON is not valid! Try using a JSON linter to make sure you have the right syntax.

Spellings of the Field names and the field endpoints (on the bubble CMS) are correct.

Similarly our other Update/PATCH to Bubble tasks appear to not have such an issue. Any thoughts on what to look at?

Hi Pava,

Try taking a look at the data types from your cells that are being merged into your request. Do your fields in Bubble match the expected data type being sent?

There could be instances where a field is expecting a number but is being passed a string. Similarly, a field might expect an array, but a string is being sent.

Let me know if that helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks Daniel,

Actually ended up catching some special/unicode characters that were goofing up the push! Any good workaround for strings with characters such as: Ç or ☐?

Nice catch, Pava!

Those characters can always be tricky. To remove those special characters, try putting this expression in a “Use Regex” step:


That should find all non-ASCII characters. You can then replace them with a blank value to remove them from your dataset.

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We might end up with typo’s, as apparently Facade is apparently spelled “FaÇde” from one of our data sources.

Is there no way to allow unicode characters?

Hey Pava,

I did some testing on my end. I was able to send a request to an API using those characters. You should be able to pass those in your JSON body. There may be some other special characters that are hiding in there.

Try using the “Clean data” step before sending it off to your API. You can select Clean to use as JSON.

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