API Requests from valid API give error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'split')"

Hi Team,

I have two flows that have been running daily for several months without any issues.

Since a couple of days the API Enrich (also tested Pull from API) nodes come back with the error:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’)

When testing the API the results come back with Status 200 and the same JSON data structure they always had.

As this only happens with Parabola, I have a hard time bebugging any of this.

Any ideas appreciated!


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I’m having the same problem with two flows that have been running successfully for months and have been unchanged since they were created. Getting the following error…

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’)

In my case the Send to API step sends rows to SendGrid so that I can send out some emails. The first row goes through and the email gets sent successfully, but the other rows don’t get sent to the SendGrid API because of the error.

I temporarily bypassed this by setting Error Handling in the Send to API step to 101% of rows…all the rows were then sent to SendGrid because the error on each row was ignored. SendGrid successfully sent out the emails and they all contained the correct data and were formatted properly.

I’m guessing a bug has recently been introduced into the Send to API step on Parabola’s end.

@Eddie @Matthias_Kampmann is this still happening for you two? sorry for the slow reply, will flag with our team. in the meantime, feel free to shoot me a link to the flow (andrew @ parabola.io) and I can take a look.