Offset and Limit Based Pagination

I have an API that uses offset and limit based pagination, and I am setting this up on the pagination settings. However, I am only getting limited results (or duplicates of the same results).
This is the API docs what should the settings look like, to make this work?


Hi @Damien_Kelly - Happy to help! From the API documentation, it looks like you’ll want to use the Offset and Limit pagination option. Let me know if the following setup works:

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 4.04.15 PM

Thanks Emory, that’s exactly what I thought I would need. However, when I have the maximum pages to fetch as 2 for example, it just gives me two rows with the same returned values.

Hi @Damien_Kelly - Thank you for letting me know. Could you reach out to us at and send us a link to the Flow where this is happening so we can take a look at how everything is set up?