Api setup - Pagination Issue

I try to set up OTT API but I’ve a problem with results. I just get 50 results.

I guess it is a one page result limitation. When I try pagination and a set a Max Pages to Fetch of 10 for example, I get 500 results but it is 10 times the same 50 results of Page #1

Here is the api. There is no doc.

What can I do?

Hi @Sylvain_Naessens,

Sounds like you’re close with finalizing the step Pull from an API for OTT API. There’s a couple notes to finish this set up:

  • If you have any page parameters in your API Endpoint URL, like &page=200, then remove those (use it in your pagination settings instead)
  • Set Pagination Key to page
  • Set Pagination Start Value to 1
  • Set Increment Pagination Value to 1
  • Set Max Pages to Fetch to 100

(It looks like OTT API starts paging at page 1 instead of page 0, so two of the items above are set to 1.)

Hope that works out for you - feel free to reach out if you’d like more clarification or to walk through other parts of the process.

Thank you Adeline for your answer.

I already tried Pagination with those settings. Instead of 100 I put 10 in Max Pages to Fetch. It returns 500 results and it is 10 times the same page of 50 results. I have the same issue with other APIs.

Hi @Sylvain_Naessens, could you send me the full API Endpoint URL you’re using in the step Pull from an API either on this Community thread or to help@parabola.io?

Thanks to your advice, I manage to make it works!

Thank you very much!