Help with Cursor Pagination please?

I don’t understand how to use pagination and it seems like the Parabola docs are referring to an old UI.

I’m trying to get all of my “issued tickets” for my event from Ticket Tailor’s API.

a GET request to only retrieves 100 entries and I definitely have more. Running this in Postman, the response has at the bottom:

"links": {
        "next": "/issued_tickets?starting_after=it_46872255&limit=100",
        "previous": null

Although their API docs list this like:

"links": {
    "next": "/v1/events/{event_id}/issued_tickets?starting_after=it_120",
    "previous": "/v1/events/{event_id}/issued_tickets?ending_before=it_100"

I tried this in Parabola but it does nothing. I don’t really understand what to put where. It’s all very confusing.

Hope some kind soul can guide me on what values to put where! I need all tickets in the response. TIA


Hi @Yes_Captain - Happy to help!

It looks like you might want to set up your pagination like this:

Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 4.48.52 PM

Could you try that and let me know if your seeing your tickets pull in?

Hi Emory

Thanks for the help. I thought that worked as it increased my responses from 100 to 500, but now I see it’s just duplicating the 100 responses 5 times.