1000 Row limit?

Hello! I’m trying to get data from CMS.gov, but it keeps stopping at 1K rows. I’ve tried hitting the same URL via Postman and I don’t get a limit, so is this a parabola limit? If so, how do I get around it? I’ve tried upping the page limit to 100, but nothing changes. Any help is appreciated!

URL: https://data.cms.gov/resource/s2uc-8wxp.json?submitted_data=Y&week_ending=2020-10-18T00:00:00.000

Hi @Bo_Bergstrom! Interesting, we don’t have a limit. If the step Pull from an API isn’t timing out then it is likely the pagination settings - do you have API documentation you can send a link to? There could be pagination settings you can add in.

When I tested this in Parabola, my browser, and Postman, they all gave 1,001 rows. How did you set this up in Postman to retrieve more than 1,001 rows?

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@Adeline thanks for the quick reply. You’re 100% right, it has to do with pagination and I misread what I’m seeing in Postman. Found the solution in API docs: https://dev.socrata.com/docs/paging.html#2.1 Thank you!