API Pagination Issue

Hi, I have an API that is limited to 100 results per page. However I cannot get it to call the next page until all records are pulled. It simply just duplicates the records each time a new page is added.

Here is a link to the API documentation, I am new to this and a little out of my depth. But I want to call all records in one import. Thanks

Hi @xander85 - Try this for your pagination:

You’ll want to update “Max Pages to Fetch” to make sure you get all the data back. Since the API limits 100 results per page, you’ll want to calculate how many total records you have divided by 100 to figure out how many max pages to fetch.

Once you do that, it might be good to add a Remove Duplicates step after your Pull from API step to make sure none of your Ids are repeating.

Let me know how that goes!

That worked wonderfully! Thank you so much!
Now I don’t need to pull history from a google sheet and merge new. I can just run the API as is!


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Glad to hear it! You’re welcome :slight_smile: