OAuth2.0 Vincere API

Hi there,

I’m trying to get data out of our recruitment system called Vincere. I have gone through your documentation as well as Vincere’s but with no success.

Could you please have a look at Vincere’s documentation and see if Parabola can connect to Vincere’s API?


Hello @Jorg_Weber,

I took a look into Vincere’s API documentation and unfortunately we won’t be able to connect to their system at this time. The only information we pull from an OAuth response via the step Pull from an API are the access_token and refresh_token. We don’t support extra OAuth headers/parameters outside of the standard in our system currently, such as Vincere’s id-token.

So any OAuth process that creates keys or information past those two keys (access_token and refresh_token) during the OAuth process, and requires them in subsequent calls to the API, won’t work in Parabola today.

Sorry for not having better news here. Let me know if I can help answer any other questions.