OAUTH 2.0 With Client Credentails

Hi, i am trying to integrate a Client Credential OAUTH flow using a client ID and client secret, is that possible in Parabola yet?


Hey Antony,

Good question! Parabola only supports the Authorization Code flow at this moment.

If your service can only pass a client Id and client secret using the Client Credentials flow type, Parabola will not be able to support it.

Is this in your roadmap?

Hi Antony,

We are not prioritizing support for OAuth 2.0 via client credentials, but we do hope to implement it at some point in the future.

Feel free to post this in the #feature-requests section of our community forum to bring more visibility to your request!

As a workaround, if “Enrich your API” node was able to pass {ColumnName} in the Bearer token field, you could set it up like this:

  • Send post request to oauth/token endpoint with username/password authentication as client ID and secret
  • The response will contain access_token column
  • Attach it to Enrich API node, and in Bearer Token set the token to {access_token}

If tried this, but parabola doesn’t expand {access_token}, which is a shame. I think that would be a useful feature in any case.

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I’ve added a feature request for above here.

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