Caspio OAuth2.0 Authentication API


I’m trying Authenticate OAuth2.0 import from Caspio (a low code database). I’ve been through the API tutorials on Parabola, but still haven’t had success.

Caspio’s API documentation:

On Parabola API Authorization, I’ve tried these settings:


Authorization Request URL: (I couldn’t find anything in Caspio about Callback URL or a Return URI, so I used the token auth URL)

Edit URL Parameters: none

Access Tokens:
Access Tokens Request URL: https:///

Access Tokens Request Body:
grant_type= client_credentials (just typed in “client_credentials”)
client_id = my client id number
client_secret = my client secret

Refresh Tokens
Refresh Tokens Request URL: https:///
Refresh Token Method: POST
Refresh Token Request Body:
token_type = bearer (just wrote “bearer”)
Not not sure what to include in the body here.

Any help would be appreciated !


Hey Tim!

On that page, it says that they support the client_credentials flow of OAuth.

Right now, Parabola only supports the Authorization Code flow, so this isn’t going to work unfortunately!

Perhaps head to #feature-requests and request support for client_credentials flow in the OAuth process.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for looking through the documentation.
That makes sense now.
I’ll make a feature request as you suggested.

I was able to create a bearer token through Advanced Rest client, but it only has a life of 24 hours.


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