New to Parabola - Help needed

As a newbie to parabola and indeed API in general, I am trying to figure out how to connect Parabola to a software I use called
I have the API information in Dexi, but whatever I do I can not figure out how to set up the Parabola end of this to retrieve the data. I will no doubt have a similar question when I push the data to Mautic.
I have included a screen grab of the info in Dexi.

Any help, would be so much appreciated. I am trying to learn and really want to move forward.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Tony_Standing! No problem, we can definitely help you get set up.

Can you send me a link to the API documentation for Dexi and I can take a look? You can start by dragging in an API Import step and filling in the information, similar to below. I believe you’ll just need to add X-DexiIO-Access and X-DexiIO-Account to the custom headers section and you should be good to go. Can you give that a try and let me know? I can also help some more once I can see their documentation.


Many thanks for the email and the offer to help:

The documentation is mainly behind the login and is not in the form of an actual document, therefore I have copied what I think are the relevant bits:

Examplle request:

Example Response:

Hope that makes sense. If you need anmore info in order to help me(I am really stuggling with this) let me know and I will find it.

Best wishes

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I thought I included the info:

I have tried what you kindly suggested and all I get is the following:"\n<html lang=“en”>\n\n<meta charset=“utf-8”>\nError\n\n\n

Cannot GET /

Hey @Tony_Standing – hmm, not sure exactly what’s going on. It’s a little tricky for me to debug without more documentation. I’ll have someone on the team look into this on Monday, or hopefully someone in the community can help before then!

Hey Tony,

That error would make me think that you are using as the API Endpoint URL. That is just the base of the URL, so you will need to add more to it. The example you sent uses this URL:{runId}/latest/results - but you would need to replace {runId} with an actual run ID.

Can you send a screenshot of the doc that shows an example of which endpoint you want to use?

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Hi all
I managed to solve this connection. It seems there was a typo in the api documentation. I dropped an S and it works great, just struggling with Mautic API now.

Thanks for all the help and offers of help.


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