New database integrations enable you to work more directly with your data in Parabola

Hey all!

I’m happy to announce 3 new database steps and 1 large improvement to all of our SQL-like database steps.

Our Pull from PostgreSQL integration now has its other half! Use the Send to PostgreSQL step to automatically insert or update data in a PostgreSQL database.

We’ve also released a fresh integration with MS SQL Server, Microsoft’s popular relational database product. Use the Pull from MS SQL and Send to MS SQL steps to create flows that connect directly to your database.

The two new destination steps (Send to…) use connection pooling to drastically increase their speed. This improvement can be found in the existing Send to MySQL step as well.

All 3 of database destination steps have a field that allows you to tune how many connections are created between Parabola and your database. The rows you are exporting are spread across all of those connections. Updating your step from using 1 connection (the old default) to using 20 (the new default) should be about 20x as fast!

Hope you enjoy these new steps and performance improvements.