BigQuery Connector

Hi team,
Do you know when we’ll have a BigQuery connector available? I’ve authorized via Oauth2 and was able to pull data from BigQuery, but it’s not coming into my Parabola as the table should. I’m seeing a lot of JSON, which I’m expanding, but I can’t get it to show the actual data, just the column headers. (I’ve even flipped the table).

I’d love to know if a connector is in the works, or if there is a way we can use a MySQL query or something so I can get the data out easily.


Hi @Johnathan_Ruggiero! I’ll go ahead and submit a request for getting a BigQuery integration. While we currently don’t have immediate plans for this integration, typically using our Pull from API step should do the trick! (For anyone following this thread, here are the instructions on how to connect to BigQuery)

We’ll take a look at the data that’s being pulled from BigQuery to get the data into the proper format in Parabola. Will send you an email with next steps!


I would second this request, I’m half technical and its taken me about 2 hours of messing around (and getting ChatGPT’s help) to finally get data from Parabola into Big Query (the instructions in the other post are a bit out of date)

If it took me two hours then it is probably beyond the capability of someone who can’t code at all and yet Parabola is supposed to be for “People who are experts at their processes, but not at writing code”. Given that Big Query is one of the biggest and most established data warehouses out there I really think Parabola should have an in-built connector to it by now

Hi @Tom_Halloran - Thank you! We really appreciate the feedback on this and will pass it along to the team.