Pull from mySQL hangs

Hi there,

I have connected a mySQL database (on AWS RDS) to Parabola OK, and pulled in a small number of rows from one table.

When I try to switch to another Table the Editor just hangs and I can’t do anything. I have waited several hours for it “refresh” but it doesn’t.

The issue is not the connection, as the flow works in “live” but I can no longer edit it.


Hey @Nigel_Godfrey :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry for the frustrating experience while trying to edit your flow!

For anyone who comes across this post in the future, Nigel was able to start editing again by duplicating his flow, and then working in the copied version. We are looking into the continually loading SQL steps and will be sure to update this post with additional information!


It was a very temporary fix. You need to go through a convoluted path to get the ability to edit the duplicated flow. Parabola thinks there are unsaved changes (there aren’t). So if you can discard them then you can edit.

Really surprised that this has never been used before. Or tested.

Getting “Your JSON is not valid! Try using a JSON linter to make sure you have the right syntax.”

on a Push To Bubble.

This is actually a random 401 halfway into the flow.

Hey @Nigel_Godfrey,

Appreciate the feedback as we continue to look into the loading SQL steps.

Regarding your JSON syntax error – can you share a flow link? I can validate your data types to ensure your JSON syntax looks correct. Feel free to send us a direct email at help@parabola.io if that’s easiest.