Send to MS SQL server configuration

What is the best way to configure a server running MS SQL to enable Parabola to use the send to MS SQL tool?

Hi @James_Vanderhaeghen :wave:

There are many ways to configure a server with MS SQL to work with Parabola. However, it’s important to take note of the field types.

Parabola will always send data as a string, so it’s best to ensure your MS SQL fields are set to accept strings.

You’ll also want to check how many connections your database can handle. The Send to MS SQL step has a Maximum Connections field that defaults 20 concurrent connections.

This is a safe value for most databases. The best practice is to set the Maximum Connections field in Parabola to 50 - 60% of the total connections your database can handle.

For more information on best practices when using this step in Parabola, check out our MS SQL documentation.

Hi Daniel,

That is already very helpful, thanks!
But I’m also struggling with simply connecting to the server itself, which is on a local network. I already enabled the TCP/IP connection and opened the port 1433.
But the serer name is not known outside of this network. So I’m looking for a solution to just do that. In the safest way possible and without exposing my server to unwanted intruders :slight_smile:

Hey James,

Thanks for letting me know. Are you receiving an error message from Parabola? If so, feel free to pass it along.

In addition, would you be willing to share your credentials located in your MS SQL profile? You can email them to with a link to your flow.

Interested in testing this on our end to see if we can establish a safe and secure connection to your server!

Hi Daniel,

This is the error message from Parabola:

Failed to connect to *********\SQLEXPRESS:1433 - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND *********\SQLEXPRESS

Now, we do have a VPN connection to our database in order to give access to specific people. We could set up one for parabola too, which would be the secure way. Just not sure if that is the way you expect to establish a connection from Parabola.

I would like to avoid sharing credentials. Not that I don’t trust you, but you never know :wink:

Hi @James_Vanderhaeghen, stepping in for Daniel here!

Appreciate you sending over that error message. I totally understand not wanting to share your credentials. It would be great if you could email a link to your Flow to us at so we can take a deeper look into the Flow and the error message.