Need help with ISBNd

Hi there,
I’m new here.

I’m creating an online bookstore and I need to import the whole catalogue of books I’ve from my distributor (gardners) to my shopify website.

I don’t know if there is a faster or better way to do it, but I don’t know it myself, so I’ll tell you what I’m trying to do and where I need help. If you know another faster and better way to do this task please let me know because you would help me a lot because then I will have problems…

First of all I download a csv file with all the isbn from Gardners and at the same time I have a premium subscription in isbndb to get the data of the book like cover, descriptions, etc as gardners only gives me isbn author and price…

As I don’t want to go one by one I have seen that using parabola I can use the api and get all this automatically. I have seen in the forum a post of a user that gives a script to automate this but it gives me failure.

(API - Pull Book Details from ISBNdb into Shopify Store)

my error is

and what I have done so far is this

what I’m doing wrong?

and once I get all the data I need (author, cover, description), how can I automate the uploading to my catalogue and how can I make the price I have in the gardners csv be linked too?


Hi @Angel - Happy to help! From the error message, it looks like something might not be set up correctly in the API step settings. Could you please reach out to and send us a link to the Flow so we can take a closer look at the request that was sent?