How to import data from Shopify's API?

This is a temporary FAQ post to help any customers who want to import their Shopify data into Parabola.

We’re hard at work building a native integration, you can see the latest status on this post. Don’t forget to follow that post to be notified when the integration launches!

In the meantime, you can still use our Shopify beta step that helps you import your Shopify data by connecting to Shopify’s API.

Here are the instructions for how to set it up:

  1. Login to your Shopify store
  2. Click on the Apps section of the sidebar
  3. At the bottom click “Manage private apps”
  4. Click to create new private app
  5. Give it a name and make sure the Admin API permissions are set to be able to access the things you want
  6. Copy the Example URL that shows up and paste it in the API Endpoint URL field of the beta step. The URL contains the API Key and password to access the data for your Shopify store. Make sure to select “None” in the Authentication dropdown.

Sample endpoint URL:
7. Click the blue “Show Updated Results” button and you should see your Shopify data!

Alternatively, you can pass your API Key and Password in the Username and Password fields in the step by selecting “Username/Password” in the Authentication dropdown instead. You’ll want to paste just the API Key part of your URL in the Username field and paste the API Password part in the Password field. If you go this route, you can remove the API Key and API Password portion from the endpoint URL.

One more note - When consulting Shopify’s API docs, make sure to use Shopify’s 2019-07 api version for Parabola: