Cant upload pictures or price to shopify using the send to api

I am trying to get this simple json to work but can’t. I can get everything else to load except picture, price and compare at price. I don’t get any error. It runs successfully. But the pic and prices do not show in shopify. I have been using the following link from shopify as a guide, but it has not help.

Can anyone help please? Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

“product”: {
“title”: “{Title}”,
“body_html”: “{Body (HTML)}”,
“vendor”: “{Vendor}”,
“tags”: “{Tags}”,
“featured_image”: “{Image Src}”,
“price”: “{Variant Price}”,
“compare_at_price”: “{Variant Compare at Price}”

@Jose_Sanchez - Happy to help! Could you please send over a link to the Flow where you’re working on this to We can then take a closer look at how this API step is set up so we can help you troubleshoot.

Ok. I have shared the flow. Hopefully I did it correctly. Please let me know if I didn’t. Thank you for your help.

I have spent days trying to resolve this problem of uploading new products with no luck. So I decided to look at Shopify’s App Store again for a possible solution. I came across EasyCSV, It is not a flow app but it will take a csv file and upload it to Shopify and upload new products as if I was doing a manual upload. I was able to accomplish in minutes with them what was taking me days with your app. I will need to run my flows in Parabola, export a csv to google sheets, have EasyCSV pull that file and upload to Shopify. It works! Maybe you guys can consider working with EasyCSV as an app Parabola can export to.

Unfortunately, it means another app I have to pay for. Shopify has about 40 columns in its csv template. When you upload a csv, these columns have to be there, even if they are blank. Maybe you guys can make a recipe for Shopify to upload new products that includes all of Shopify’s columns.

Hopefully this will help everyone with a similar problem.

Hey Jose, glad to hear you were able to work-out a solution and appreciate your feedback!

We unfortunately did not receive an email from you to help troubleshoot. Were you able to send the link to your Flow to Let us know if you need any additional help!


Hi. Yes, I found a solution, but at an added cost. Would really be great if It could all be done within Parabola.

The flow is in my team flow. I shared the flow twice. It says link was sent. I added link below.

[link removed]

Hope that helps. Thank you for your help.

Hi @Jose_Sanchez- Thank you for sending over that link! For security reasons, I’ve removed it from this thread. I’ll follow up with you via email to discuss your Flow set up. Keep an eye out for a message from!