Moving data to another column

I am trying to move some data across a table. You can see from the screenshot that I want to move the data circled in green to between the two rows as marked in red. this is due to the circled data being from the same order number as the top row, hence the reason it is sitting where it is. But in order to get it into my google sheets it needs to just be in 6 rows. How can I achieve this? Any ideas? Happy to share my current full flow if it would help to make more sense.

Hi @Justin_Saunders - Happy to help! It sounds like our Edit columns step should do what you’re wanting here! That step will allow you to reorder, remove, rename any columns in your data.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any questions!

Hello, yes it could help, the issue is that depending on the information I upload the extra columns may or may not be there, in fact there maybe more columns if the data is different, my latest test has more data and has 20 columns, see the screenshots, sorry it was to wide to do one screenshot. And sometimes it may just have the first 7 columns. Just depends on the data.

Hi @Justin_Saunders - Thank you for following up with that additional information! Will the naming scheme be similar for the columns or will the names and orders differ? How are you identifying the columns that you are wanting to keep?

Hi Emory,

The columns currently will just be as you see them, so will vary depending on how many different products are in the one document. This is information will be uploaded to google sheets, which has some titles to the columns, or I can add some there.

Happy to open up my flow so you can have a look through.

Hi @Justin_Saunders, could you send us the Flow’s URL link to so we can take a look at how the data is set up?


I have sent the link through.