Bitrix24 Webhook integration - template of dataset

Hi community!

I try to integrate Bitrix24 and Google SpreadSheet. In Bitrix24 I have an outgoing Webhook like this: of activity={{Name of activity}}&Type of activities={{Type of activities}}&Employee={{Employee}}

Webhook works correctly, in parabola I received the dataset. The problem of the dataset is multiples fields. For example, in the field “Employee” I can received from one to five ID of Employee. I want to
transpose dataset in one row with columns “Employee_1”, “Employee_2”…“Employee_5”.

To do this I:

  1. Select “Employee” columns;
  2. Split column to rows by “,”;
  3. Enrich information about Employee;
  4. Flip table;
  5. Combine table.

Then I transform the dataset in parabola I cant create the template of the output dataset: the number and column names depending on the number of employees in the original dataset.

So, maybe you know a way to solve this problem?

Hi @Frinet :wave:

Welcome to the community! Depending on your original dataset, we may be able to achieve this by using a Pivot columns step.

If you’re up for it, can you share a snippet of the full dataset after importing it from your webhook? If it’s easiest to send us that data outside of the community, send us an email at

Hi Daniel!

I found a solution on my own:

  1. Add 5 rows to “Employee” table before Enrich data with an API
  2. Add rows number
  3. Add a new column “Employee + rows number”
  4. Select columns “Employee name” + “Employee + rows number”
  5. Limit 5 rows
  6. Reorder columns
  7. Flip table.

Also, modifying 1 field from the input dataset is 13 steps. In my opinion - it’s too hard a solution. It’s my first project in Parabola and I’m not sure if I did everything right.

In the evening I will send to you the input dataset - maybe you can find an easy solution

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