Javascript Transform

Honestly, just being able to write some javascript in a transform object that can pass row values into it for each and generating a new column with those values with be very huge. Would be way better than the simple math transform. Could easily change strings. Would open up the platform to a much broader more advanced range of uses cases.

Hey @Alton – that’s a neat idea! If you’re trying to manipulate a string, have you tried using the Text Merge step? If you let me know what you’re trying to do, I’d be happy to help come up with a workaround in Parabola.

Hey @andrew,

I use text extract all the time. Its useful but super limited. Even with RegEx.

Also more advanced math functions are really the goal. Taking multiple input columns, performing mathematical analysis, generating output in new named column.

String manipulation was just an easy example.

For instance, more advanced math functions could be made accessible such as.

output = (({col_1}{col_2}{val_3)/{col_3}^2))

//this example could be done in just a more advanced math module


Calculating some general statistics like the trimmean, stdiv, inner quartile range, normal dis, etc. (which is my goal) would be much easier to accomplish with a javascript transform.


You could build a statistics/advanced math transform where I could access predefined functions more traditionally supported in a sheet.


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Hey @Alton – really appreciate you writing this up. I totally agree with you – it would be really powerful if we better supported advanced math formulas. I’ll flag for the team!