How to transform data

Hi there,

I have a dataset in CSV format that I’m uploading to parabola (eventually will be API) and I need to add a new column (lets call it column B) nd create values based on a previous column (column A)

I.e column A has $$ values from 1,2,100,500,45,200, etc

For column B I want to say: if value (in col A) is between 1-10 then 10 (in col B) if value (in col A) is between 10-50 then 50 (in col B)

Any good tutorials I can watch /read on data transformation? How would I do this and what pieces would I need to use?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the question!

I created some mock data and put together a quick video tutorial for you here.

I am also linking more information on the “Insert If/Else Column” step, and a screenshot of the step details.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Adam! Got a quick question: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Thanks for the video Dave!

The reason that the “Else, if all rules fail” setting is not populating the “Final Amount” column is because currently, no rules are failing.

The first rule says, if “Amount 2” is blank, then set the value to {Amount Split}. This rule is not taking into account whether or not the “Amount Split” column has data or not. If “Amount Split” is empty, Parabola is putting that empty value into the “Final Amount” column.

I recreated your columns to provide the attached screenshot. It’s a quick fix - you just need to add a second part to the first rule to say, if “Amount 2” is blank, and “Amount Split” is not blank, then set the value to {Amount Split}.

That way, if “Amount Split” is also empty, all rules will fail and “Final Amount” will be populated with “Unspecified.”

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help out with!

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 5.14.21 PM

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