Using Values in Sheet to Find+Replace

Hi everyone! I’m new to Parabola and have a question on find/replace.

I currently have a column filled with email formats (ex. that give 1 particular format per row. I’m looking to use values from the other columns in that row (ex. FirstName and LastName) to find and replace terms in the format column so I’m left with a particular email (for a given row, FirstName column → Jane, LastName column → Smith, so Format column →

Is this possible to do in Parabola? I’ve tried using the find and replace function but it seems like I can’t pass a column name in with brackets.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Natasha :wave:

Welcome to the community!

To clarify, are there multiple formats per row, or each row is a different format? Depending on how the emails are formatted, I might start by using the “Extract text from column step” to separate the email domains into a separate column.

I also recommend extracting other parts of your FirstName and LastName columns to get additional data like the first initial and last initial to address any other potential formats.

From there you can use an “Insert Text Column” to append columns together for each row with the different formats you’re looking to create. You can dynamically reference columns by using {text merge} values.

If each email format per contact needs to exist in a separate row, try using the “Unpivot columns” step to pivot your email columns by a unique identifier.

Let me know if that points you in the right direction!