Item ID Webflow


i’m wondering how i can pull the item id from webflow and use it in the “send to webflow”.

I’m building a custom google sheets file which enables my customer to input data, which then updates their company website. So the sheet file does not contain any id’s or something like that?

can someone help me?

Hey @Eivind_braekkan_Engs :wave:

Using the “Pull from Webflow” step you can pull in a list of all your collection items from your website from a specific collection. The results will return an Id column linked to the item Id. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

You’ll likely want to export a list of all of your collection items to a Google Sheet, so your customer can make edits to the collection item.

You can pull in your Google Sheet into a Parabola flow and send it to Webflow using the “Send to Webflow” step. Just match up Webflow’s Item Id to the Id column in Parabola.

From there you can map each field in your CMS to each column in your Parabola flow.

Hope that helps!