API Export only exporting 100 of 129 Rows (Google Sheets > Webflow CMS)

Hello everyone!

Our agency just started using Parabola and I’m BLOWN AWAY at its potential! We’ve already begun automated what used to be a painstakingly tedious series of tasks due to Webflow’s limited .CSV product importer (it’s in Beta).

Because of this limitation, my team and I developed a solution where we upload the compatible data via .CSV to Webflow’s CMS. Then, using Google Sheets which contains the additional custom field information needed along with Parabola, we’re combining the Webflow API Collection Items with Sheets in a single flow.

After much trial and error, I had my “Bazinga!” moment and the flow was successfully executed…almost. Here’s the success confirmation I received after publishing the flow:

As you can see, there were 129 max rows processed, but the API export only lists 100 rows. The result is that 29 of the collection items were not updated with the required information.

Not sure how well some of you might know Webflow, but the image above shows that some of the fields were not added. And I’ve checked to make sure that the formatting is correct. There’s no discrepancy between the fields that worked and the ones that didn’t. They’re the same.

What’s causing the API Exporter to only execute 100 of the 129 rows? I’m so excited to use Parabola in our No-code workflow, but redundancy is what moved us to Parabola in the first place; if we’re going to have to go and correct 29 of the 129 entries regardless, it defeats the purpose of automation.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can share that might help! I’ll share my flow below as well:

Hey Hunter!

Glad that you are enjoying Parabola! I can help get this sorted out.

Overall, I would really suggest using the Webflow Import and Webflow Export over the API steps, as it will be much easier to work with, and less error prone.

It looks like all 129 rows were exported, and Webflow responded that they accepted them.

Could you send a few Item IDs for items that did not get the update? Are all of the IDs that you are sending for items.which-party correct IDs for items that you can reference? I am wondering if maybe you have one that is the wrong ID. And seeing that you are adding those IDs in an If Else, perhaps one was copied over incorrectly?


Thanks for getting back to me! Let me clarify a few things:

  1. I wasn’t able to use Parabola’s “Webflow CMS Import” because the Collection List I was dealing with was a “Product” in the use of E-Commerce which I learned was unsupported in Parabola. This is the error I received.

  2. After further examination, I learned that Webflow’s Api limit was 100, which would explain why only 100 of the 129 were importing. I verified this on the Webflow developers page here as well: http://developers.webflow.com/#model24

I was able to solve this problem in Parabola by entering the “API Import” Advanced Settings and adding an “offset” pagination key, starting at 100 to compensate for the remaining CMS items. This solved my problem!

I really love learning and I can’t imagine how much more can be done using API’s and Parabola! One question, is there a way to trigger a flow similar to Zapier? Or can you only trigger a flow by using the Scheduling Rules on the Publish Page?

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Hey @Hunter_Reynolds - That’s awesome that you were able to figure this out! :raised_hands: To answer your last question, we do have a webhook feature that’s currently in beta. We have customers using this beta feature to trigger flows based on events, similar to how Zapier works! Email us at help@parabola.io if you’re interested in joining the beta.

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