New Step: Webflow CMS Import

Today, we released a Webflow CMS Import step! You can find it in the step list and start using it in your flows.

Many of our customers already use Parabola and Webflow together, but until today, they had to connect to Webflow’s API. The new Webflow CMS Import makes it incredibly easy to pull:

  1. All of your Collection Items from a specific site
  2. A list of Collections from a specific site
  3. A list of all of the sites your account has access to
  4. The scheme for a specific collection on a specific site

Check out the step documentation for more information.

Don’t forget to show off how you’re using the Webflow CMS Import in Show and Tell.
If you have any suggestions to improve this new step, post in Feature Requests.

Waiting for a Webflow CMS Export? Not to worry, this is currently in development and should be available to you very soon!