Import Google reviews to Webflow

Hi all. I’m curious if there would be a way to import reviews across various sites to a CMS like Webflow. I would love to be able to crawl different sites and post reviews as they are added across the web.

Hi Dan!

Sending reviews data to a Webflow CMS should be pretty straightforward with our Webflow CMS Export:

The piece to figure out is how you’d like to import all the review data you’re interested in.

Here’s a list of our current import options:

If you’re just interested in Google My Business reviews, Parabola should be able to connect to their API using our API Import step:

We also have an integration with ParseHub that might be useful for you:

You could also explore Zaps like this one to get reviews data into an Airtable or Google Sheet and then use Parabola to export to Webflow:

Does that help you get started?

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