Image Conversion from Jpeg to WebP

Hi all,

I’m trying setup a flow to convert images on a website from Jpeg to WebP. My website is on Webflow, and I have a TinyJpg API for the conversion, but I’m having trouble getting the Enrich with API step to work.

Does anyone have any experience with TinyJpg API (or any alternative image conversion platforms to use)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Simon_Langford-Ely!

Taking a look at TinyJpg’s API, it doesn’t seem like an API setup we’ll be able to connect to. Instead, I recommend trying to use this tool from Webflow to convert your images.

Hope that helps!

Hi Ayana,

Unfortunately the Webflow tool doesn’t support images in CMS collections.

Thanks for looking into TinyJpg API. Another tool I had been looking at is Convertio – looking at their documentation would Parabola play well with their API?

Thanks again for your help,

It looks like we may be able to connect with this API! If you get stuck as you’re building out this step, feel free to send us an email with your Flow Link so we can help take a look.