API response couldn't be parsed: application/json not supported

Hi there,

I am attempting to fetch data from an API to populate a CMS collection in Webflow.

The API requires the authorization object to be base64 encoded before it is attached to the header. However, when I complete required settings for Import API per the API’s documentation I receive a Settings error response of:

The API response couldn’t be parsed: Content-Type “application/json” is not supported.

Any ideas how to remedy this error?


Hi @Caleb_Smith,

Thanks for informing us of this – can you replace this older Pull from an API step with a new one, copy over all of the step’s settings, and see if that resolves the error for you?

Our engineering team is also going to take a look into this so we’ll be sure to give an update if there’s noteworthy news.

Hi Adeline!

Replacing the older Pull from an API in Parabola’s recipe for Update Webflow CMS and creating a new Flow with the same step’s setting did the trick!

Thanks for the fix!