Bug with Bubble PATCH

There is a bug with the Bubble “PATCH” implementation.

If you need to combine two tables (and you really do) to do a PATCH from an input that is updating rows on the Bubble table, then you will most likely have two fields named the same thing.

So DATE from Bubble and DATE (1) from a Google Sheet (as an example).

When you PATCH Bubble’s DATE field with {Date(1)} (chosen from the list provided) it will Ignore that you want the updated field and always take the field from Bubble (so never updates).

The only way around this (other than it being fixed) is to make sure the fields are not called the same thing. It makes it all quite complicated, however.

Hey @NigelG :wave:

That’s certainly unusual. I assume if you use a “Select columns” step to remove the initial DATE column before sending your request it works. Is that correct?

I’m going to try to reproduce this issue on my end before logging this as a bug. Can you send me a screenshot of your JSON body where you’re inserting the value of {DATE (1)} into Bubble’s date field?

You can also send an email to help@parabola.io with a link to your flow if that’s easier.

Are you still interested in fixing this given the upcoming exit of Bubble users?

Hey Nigel -

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on my end. The value referenced in that column name was inserted into the request.

If you could send me an example of your JSON body referencing `{Date (1)}, that would be tremendously helpful.

Once again, feel free to email us a link to your flow if that’s easier. We’re happy to look into this with you.

OK, I will need to recreate it as I worked round.

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