Bubble Export not working?

Hi, Bubble.io users here. I’m getting my toes wet in Parabola trying to create a bunch of items using Parabola. I’ve pulled up the Bubble Export destination, but I have no settings.

Is it down currently?

Hi @Rico_Trevisan - Sorry for the error you encountered here. I tried reproducing this problem, but wasn’t able to. It looks like you might have encountered a temporary issue connecting the Bubble Export beta step.

If you haven’t already resolved the issue, can you delete that Bubble Export step and try dragging in a new one? Let me know how that goes!

Hi - I am having the same problem and cannot make API Export or Bubble Export work - I think I tried everything (with and without token, using just column name or response.results.fieldname ) nothing has worked so far. Please advise

Hey @SETRAG_khoshafian - First, for the Bearer Token, please make sure your Send to an API step is set up like this:
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.56.12 AM

Can you send a screenshot of how your Send to an API step is currently configured? If you’re getting an error message, make sure to include a screenshot of the error as well.

Hi Sachi

Thank you for getting back. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Here is the Parabola screenshot - I have an extremely simple Bubble application - no users - and am trying to change the amount of an inventory entry.

Here are the Bubble screenshots:

There are no users and default Modify via API should work. Not sure where the problem is.
Here is the URL of the object - I want to change the amount: https://testdataapi.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/obj/inventory/1595537888319x538842668157935000

Thanks for your help.


Hey @SETRAG_khoshafian ! Do you have any data heading into that “Send to an API” step? I noticed nothing is showing to the right of your settings in the step.

Hi Brian

Yes - please check the URL. I want to change inventory if one entry

Please wait for now. I have heard back from Bubble and it might be a bug on their part. If you know Bubble you can test it with your app and see if it works.


Sounds good! Let me know.

Hi Brian

With some persistent and good help from Bubble support, I was able to run the Patch successfully with another tool Postman. Still struggling with Parabola. I am sure it is a setting - do you have a series of screenshots how to do Patch with Parabola? Is there an example that shows is (Not documentation please but a working example). I am sure I am overlooking a setup or something simple.


Hi @SETRAG_khoshafian - Can you post a screenshot of your current flow?

For an API export to work, you need to import some data to feed into the Send to an API step. Without it, Parabola will have no data to export. Here’s a sample screenshot of a Parabola flow that is set to export to Bubble. In this example, the source data is coming from Airtable. I used a couple steps to reformat the data that I’d like to update in Bubble.

Also, just to clarify, to complete the API export, you will need to publish and run your flow. Data will not export to the Bubble API when you’re still in building mode.

I understand that you’re trying to update inventory on your Bubble app. If you don’t have one already, can you create a table that lists the inventory items/amounts that you’d like to update in Bubble? Once you upload that table into your Parabola flow, this will be your source data that you’ll feed into your Send to an API step. You will reference the columns from your table in the body of your step.

Hi Sachi

Thank you for your reply

This is way too complex. All I wanted to do is just run a Patch statement (one step flow) with the unique id of an element and the update of a field. It looks like Parabola is way too complex for me to be able to do this.

Not clear why I have to do all that if I know the unique id. And why should I publish if all I want to do is just an experiment and run. It is a difference in perspective in what your platform should do.

At this junction it is not the right tool for me.

Thank you,

Hi @SETRAG_khoshafian - Thanks for clarifying your use case. If what you need to do is update a field of a unique ID, it probably doesn’t make sense to build a Parabola flow to update a single ID.

Parabola is very useful for handling bulk updates and replacing repetitive tasks. Say you had a bunch of fields you wanted to update for a bunch of different IDs. Rather than making individual PATCH calls for each ID, you can build a flow in Parabola to handle the update for you in bulk. You can also schedule that flow to run automatically. All free accounts come with 15 credits to publish, run, and experiment at no cost.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. Hope you come across a use case for Parabola in the future. We’ll be here to help when you do.