How to Join some Api Import & JSON data?

Hello guys, I’d appreciate some help on a simple flow that looks like this.

But I’m stuck at some point because the JSON part of the Join definitely stays Blank.
However, my input data is definitely populated with something readable in Json.


Can I join data like this or just doing it wrong?

Have a nice day,

Hey Francois!

Your Join is set up properly, but no matches were found across your datasets, so no rows were moved over.

I looked a little deeper, and it looks like the 1 email address you have in your Shopify data does not exist in the API data.

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your reply. Well, data “should” match because I know there are matching points (unique email addresses or order numbers that should match for sure in the last 7 days or so), but maybe it’s a JSON or formatting issue as well.

Why do you say data does not exist in the api data please? (data should exist on both shopify import and the api request, but maybe it’s a type format issue).

I’ll try to dig issue. Apart from Shopify, data comes from a quite standard JSON Api (

Can I ask why your request only find 1 record? You should have more if you do a Shopify Import API.

At the bottom of this, goal is to try to grab a few orders data and make some changes by API call.

Have a nice day,

Hey Francois,

I will email you directly, so that we can speak more specifically than we can here.

Thanks for your email. I hope we can sort this out.