Expand JSON creating Blank Rows (Run Failed)

Hi community,

I am running into an issue where I am using Parabola to import Shopify order data.

I use a third party app to gather extra variants like Height, Cape Color, Top Color, Top Size, etc. All of this data gets combined and imported into a column called “Line Items: Properties”.

I have been using JSON Expand to turn these parameters into individual columns and have figured out how to recombine them and stack them in a beautiful way and export to google sheets.

Everything has been working smoothly, UNTIL I imported an order that had a few items that don’t have these extra parameters. (a ring instead of a set of clothes)

Because there is no data in the “Line Items: Properties” for this item, it is causing the flow to expand BLANK space into all of the subsequent rows, where the items DO have “Line Items: Properties” data.

This is causing my flow to fail miserably. and I cant seem to figure out how to fix it.

When I go back a step in the flow, the information is all there. But when I try to expand, it creates blank space for all rows in this column.

Please help!



Here is a video walkthrough of the problem:

Video Walkthrough

Hey Ryan –

Thanks for the detailed description and video. It’s possible that the blank JSON value in your top row is preventing the following rows from being parsed.

You may want to try a “Sort rows” step to push the blank cell to the bottom of your column. That can sometimes help parse your JSON.

Let me know if this works! If not, I’ll suggest some alternative approaches.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for you quick response.

Unfortunately, sorting the rows will not work for me as everything needs to be in the order as imported for the sake of the orders coming into the store.

Any other way around this?

Hey Ryan,

One more thought on sorting before trying another solution. Can you sort the data to send the blank value to the bottom, try to parse the JSON, and then re-sort the data to revert it to its original order?

Let me know!

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this worked great, Adam. Thank you!

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