Shopify Cursor Key

Hi there,

I’ve sucessfully built a flow to export the last 24 hours of orders from my Shopify store but because page based pagination has be deprecated in the latest Shopify API I’m having to update it to cursor key.

I’m having a hard time using the pagination options in Parabola to get around this and don’t fully understand how to the form the request for Cursor key in Shopify through Parabola. From the Shopify API docs, it looks like it relies on calling a response URL, something which I don’t think is possible in Parabola (probably wrong!)

Can anyone give me a crash course?

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Hey Richard!

The type of cursor key that Shopify send back is in the header, which Parabola can’t handle yet!

But the API that uses page based pagination, which was scheduled for deprecation this month, is still active until July 1, 2020 according to this pageL

So you should be fine using the 2020-04 version and using page numbers!

We are planning on getting a native Shopify integration out very soon too, so keep an eye out for that!

And certainly let me know if you feel that the page based pagination is not working for you.

Hey Richard - Just want to make sure you see our update about the integration here:

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