Create products into Google sheet and import into Shopify : id product issue

Hi, I am really a beginner into this amazing Parabola tool :grinning:
I filled in my google sheet with new product and new collections relied.
I want to import my new products into my shopify, but Parabola ask me to maps Id-product from shopify with my google sheet that I don’t have into because it is a data from Shopify, do you get my point ? :upside_down_face:

Hi @Domitille_Desgranges,

Welcome to the community!

Sounds like you have to create the products in Shopify before adding them to a collection. Our “Send to Shopify” step does not support product creation just yet.

You can create products using our “Send to an API” step. Check out this post where another user needed to create products:

Once the products are in Shopify, you should be able to merge your data to add those products to a collection.

Thanks a lot @daniel for your answer, I will read it carefully and come back to you if I have questions. I am so glad to discover your wonderful tool ! thanks again !

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