How Do I Add Line Breaks in My Flow?

I would like to replace a specific text string in a column with a line break. I know how to remove them and saw the solution offered to add a formula in my google doc — but is it possible to do so within the flow itself?

Hi @Kirsty_Barkley - While we are able to add a formula when sending to Google Sheet to create a line break, we are unfortunately not able to create that line break in the Flow itself.

Thank you Emory, what step would I use to add the formula hen sending to Google Sheet?

The formula that you would used is &CHAR(10)&

If you’re pulling the lines from different columns, you can use an Add text column step to add this formula:
="{column/text line 1}"&CHAR(10)&"{column/text line 2}"

Let me know if you have any questions!