Add comments / notes to stages of the flow

My flows are generally not 100% automated as a result of needing to upload a new file or change the name of a column for dates. This means that each time I need to run the flow, I need to review it and update where necessary. Right now, it’s hard to remember what steps are doing what at a glance and need to be update.

It would be great to be able to add text / comments to stages of the flow to highlight which items need to be updated (e.g. Edit date range here).

Hi @Kiara_Elliott - We actually have a “Notes” feature you can use for this. If you right-click/two-finger-click anywhere on the canvas, you’ll see an option to Add a note appear.

These post-its appear for you to write some notes. You can move the post-its anywhere on the canvas, the same way you move steps around.

Let me know if that addresses what you’re looking for!

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