How to create Line Breaks within a cell (using text merge)?

Hi there!

Today, I was editing a flow that I have been running for almost a year now, with no problems.

When I went into the ‘Text Merge’ stage of the flow to add a new set of data to it, it now is spitting it out onto my google sheet in a format without any line breaks (in the cell).

can you help me to get it back to the way it was? It was putting in line breaks before within the cell, but now I can’t seem to do that and the data is unusable to my team

here are some screenshots for reference:

The Properly Formatted Output to google sheets (been working this way for a year)

The New, Improperly Formatted Google Sheets Output (not what I want)

Under the hood of the Text Merge Stage of the flow (that is creating the new one)

My Flow Overview

Thank you in advance,


Hey @Ryan_Fontana,

I emailed you a response to this message, but I’m closing the loop here in case anyone has a similar issue. The current version of the “Insert Text Column” step does not fully support line breaks at the moment.

I recommend creating a separate column in your Google Sheet to find and replace all instances of - with a line break. Try using this substitute formula in Google Sheets to format your data with line breaks.

=SUBSTITUTE(B2, " - ", CHAR(10))