Line breaks in the Send to SendGrid integration

Is there a way to have the body field of Parabola’s Send to SendGrid Integration recognize paragraphs/line breaks?

My table has a column called “body”. In any given cell of that column you’ll find something like the following…

This is line 1., This is line 2., This is line 3.

There is a comma separating each sentence. The commas are only there to act as delimiters. I figured that Parabola will need some way of knowing where a line break should be so I put in the commas. I can obviously change the commas to a different kind of delimiter if that would work better.

When merged into the body of the email I’d like the commas ignored and I’d like everything before each comma to appear in the body of the email within its own paragraph. Like this…

This is line 1.

This is line 2.

This is line 3.

Is this possible?

Much appreciated.

Hi Eddie,

Good question! If you change the Email Content Type to HTML, you can use a <br> as a delimiter to add a line break.

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:

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