Google Analytics Authorization Bug (caused by Ad Blocker)

When I try to add Google Analytics as a Data Source within my Flow the authorization window opens as about:blank instead of bringing me to a Google login page.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? It seems like a pretty clear bug.

Hey @Matt_Brosseau – Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue here! I just went ahead and flagged your report with our engineering team. So far, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on our end.

To help them pinpoint the issue, are you able to please share a screen recording? Would be curious to see what happens when you click the Authorize button. I’ll be sure to keep you updated – appreciate your patience in the meantime!

@Matt_Brosseau hearing from our engineering team that the root cause of this issue may be an ad blocker. If you pause the ad blocker, are you able to authorize your account?

Sure, happy to do so. Please see the attached. The upside is I was able to troubleshoot it myself. I use the uBlock Origin Chrome Extension for adblocking. Their default blocklist must’ve kept the redirect from processing correctly. Once I disabled the adblock, the authenticator went through without issue.


Awesome, glad to hear it Matt!