Front end CSV upload to Parabola

Hey all,

I’m after a bit of guidance.

I have created flows in Parabola. I manually upload a CSV in Parabola, Parabola then filters data, etc and then outputs the CSV for download.

Is there any way I can trigger the flow outside of Parabola? The reason I ask is because I have a client that would like access to my flow but I don’t really want to provide access to my Parabola.

So, I would rather create a webpage that allows the client the ability to upload their own CSV, which then triggers the Parabola flow and outputs another CSV outside of parabola. I basically want to bypass logging into Parabola but still use the flow.

Is there any simple way of doing this? I’m learning Bubble but from what I can see in here it’s not possible to upload a CSV to bubble and then pull the data through API to Bubble because of AWS. Is there a workaround or a simple solution? Webflow? Glide? Another nocode tool?

Any help here is massively appreciated!!

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Hi @Calum_Smith - Happy to help! One option that I think may do what you’re wanting would be the Pull from email attachment step. Your client could email the CSV to the email address provided in that step which would then pull in the data from the CSV and kick off the Flow run.

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