How do i make csv upload accessible via public url

Hello there! I want to be able to upload a csv file everyday from the same url so that a parabola flow will automatically transform that csv and output a new csv. My flow starts with csv upload. But i can’t manage to figure out how to make that “csv upload” button available on a public url, so that anyone from my team can visit that url, upload the csv file, and the flow runs automatically. Thanks!

Hi Nathan,

Welcome to the community! :wave:

Have you checked out our “Pull from email attachment” step? While Parabola doesn’t offer a direct upload feature, this step will provide a unique email address that can be emailed with a CSV attachment.

Once the email is sent, the flow will kick off and download the data from the CSV file.

In Sheets
File A - Connected to Parabola

  1. File
  2. Publish to the web
  3. CSV

Then set up a Zapier step

  1. Trigger new file in folder (File B)
  2. Replace File A (connected to Parabola) with File B
  3. Send a webhook to trigger Parabola

The effect is every time you drop a file in the folder, it will replace the file that’s connected to Parabola and then run the flow.