Extract nested csv file from a GET API call. Parabola<>Bubble


I am beginner to Parabola, so apologies if this is a simple one. I have searched the forum, but am unable to find a clear answer that works yet.

I have a ‘Pull from an API’ GET API request in Parabola that is successfully pulling data from my bubble app. (see pic below).

Inside that data coming from bubble, is a CSV file that has been uploaded by the user in bubble (and saved in the bubble database field).

What I would like to do in Parabola, is to open up that attached CSV file and then do operations on it. Is that possible in Parabola?

Attached is a picture.

Thank you very much !!

Hi @ashram :wave:

While that’s certainly an interesting use case, unfortunately there’s no way to pull in CSV data from an AWS link. Wish I had better news for you here!

That being said, there are other workarounds you can try to pull this data into Parabola. In Bubble, you could add to the “CSV upload” workflow and have Bubble email the CSV file to our “Pull from Email Attachment” step. This step provides you with a unique email address where you can send data, and each time the step receives an attachment, it kicks off a flow using that data. Kindly note that this feature is available on our Premium plans.

Another option is to upload these files to a storage tool such as an FTP server or Dropbox folder, and pull the data in that way.

Let us know if you have any additional questions, and welcome to Parabola! Hopefully you have another use case that we’re able to better support.

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Thank you Adam! Loving Parabola so far.

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Hey @ashram!

To solve this you could use a combo of Integromat + Parabola. With Integromat you can download files and iterate through them (using the HTTP and Iterate steps respectively). A solution here is to pull this data you’re pulling from Parabola, send the CSV file URLs to an Airtable or Google Sheet, then set up an Integromat flow to download each CSV file, iterate through each record, then send each record within each CSV file to another Airtable or Google Sheet. From there you can easily pull that data from Parabola again and do whatever operations you need to do with it in Parabola :+1:

A bit complex, so if you need help, feel free to reach out!

Matt Henderson – Parabola Partner :star:
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