Email attachment import/triggering?

Sometimes I’m working on a csv file that I know needs to be sent through a parabola flow. I’d love to be able to send the file as an attachment to a parabola email address and trigger a pre-selected flow!

Would love something like this.


Multiple data sources prefer to send CSV files via email. Some of them have the CSV attached to the email. And some of them provide a link. When you click the link, it downloads the csv.

We need these for “Last 7 days” reports.

Current scenario:

  1. Emails are sent to our email
  2. We download the CSVs
  3. Log into Parabola
  4. Upload respective CSVs in Parabola

Here’s an ideal representation of what the option could look like:


Hey @iammia @Matias_O - Check this out:

The new Read Email step should accomplish the use case you mentioned, @iammia.

@Matias_O - This new step doesn’t fully support your feature request. Right now, one flow can only be tied to one CSV/XLS file with this step. Hope we can continue making improvements to this step in the future!


Thank you for the tag @sachi. This is certainly a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have one csv per flow requirement but I am positive that it will come up in the future.

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Something else I noticed @sachi. This would work only if the CSV is attached to an email, right? Not if we receive a link to the csv?

Correct, it will only work if attached.

If you are getting links, you could try and parse those out with something like Zapier’s email parser, and then send the links to Parabola to use, since our API steps can download CSV files from a URL.