Get CSV file from third party site

While this isn’t directly related to building flows in parabola, I was hoping someone might be able to help. In order to get an invoice list or invoice details from a third party website there’s a JSP generated link that initiates the file download. I’ve scripted the login process and could theoretically access the data, but the Chrome Inspect features do not log the HTTP or XMLHTTP post or request generated by javascript upon clicking the download button. Fiddler doesn’t record it, tweak, and others all seem to ignore it. The “Dashboard” on the website uses multiple js generated Iframes, maybe that has something to do with it. All I know is that it opens a new window in a tab, then the file downloads, then the window closes. Nothing is shown in the network tab of Chrome Inspect. Frustrated and stuck. Any Ideas?

For another vendor I was able to create an API that fetches the desired data so that it can be integrated into the Parabola flow. For this vendor, it’s been a challenge.

Hey @THOMAS_A_HUSMANN - That does sound frustrating. I’m afraid I don’t have the expertise to help on this one, but hopefully someone else in our community can help you out!

Does the third party website have CSV export options that can run on a schedule? If so, maybe our Pull from Email Attachment step can help.

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