Nested Conditions in If/Else

Question: What is your feature/integration request?
Answer: Currently we can choose either AND or OR for each rule. My suggestion is the ability to have conditions inside of if/else statements for each rule. For example:
If (Column A contains X AND Column B contains Y) OR (Column C contains X OR Y) Then set as value = yes

Question: What problem would this feature/integration solve?
Answer: More robust data sorting.

Question: How do you solve/workaround this problem today?
Answer: No known workarounds. Unable to completely finish this project atm.

Hey Tim!

You could probably get around this right now by setting (Column A contains X AND Column B contains Y) as 1 rule, and then setting (Column C contains X OR Y) as another rule. If the rules have the same outcome (value = yes) then its the same thing as having ORed them together

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the reply.

For the example, I just tried to provide something simple, but the problems I was working with had a lot more conditions.

One of the problems was something like (not sure I wrote it out perfectly here):
If ((A contains L AND ( L contains U OR V OR W OR X OR Y OR Z)) AND (B contains M AND (M contains U OR V OR W OR X OR Y OR Z)) AND (C contains N AND (N contains U OR V OR W OR X OR Y OR Z) …
Then DD = yes

We had another one with a few more steps.

A feature that could handle some complex logical conditions would be great. With parabola, we were mostly able to finish the project - as there was a few steps like a JOIN and data parsing before it. Right now using an Excel VBA macro for these, but the flow isn’t completely automated.

Hey Tim!

That makes sense, thank you for clarifying!

I think right now the workaround is to use multiple Row Filters in series to accomplish these conditions - basically use them to create the If, and any rows that pass it can have an Add Columns step add a column with the value Yes.

Then you can use a List Contains to find the inverse of the list - the rows that did not pass - and you can Table Merge those two tables to re-build your complete table.

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Hey Brian,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried the Row Filters on the conditions, but that function is limited to a column - value comparison. For the first conditional I was working on need a column - column comparison.


That makes sense. I can definitely see how having nested if/else conditions would be useful rather than having to string together these steps.

One more thought - would a combination of the If/Else step where you can do column-to-column comparisons and the Row Filter step work? I know it’s not ideal, but trying to come up with a solution that might allow to fully automate!