IF date is in specific period then return X, if not return Y, else Z

Hello, I would like to have a column with a specific value per entry when checking today’s date.

For example, if today (Feb 17) is between the given date range Feb 1 and March 15 → Return value A
If today (Feb 17) is between March 16 - April 20 → Return value B

Is this possible?

Hey Nicolas, happy to help brainstorm some ways to get this set-up in Parabola!

Here’s some step series to help get you started:

  1. Insert Date/Time Column, {today}
  2. Convert date from Step 1 to Unix
  3. If/Else step where if {today} is greater than unix value for Feb 1, and less than the unix value for March 15, then Return value A . If greater than unix value for Mar 16, and less than the unix value for Apr 20, then return value B

Let me know if you have any questions getting this set up.


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That worked properly. Thanks.